What languages again?

August 30, 2006 at 11:06 pm | Posted in France 24, Languages | 4 Comments

It has come to my attention that it might not be clear in what languages the network will be available. So let’s clarify things.

Initially, France 24 was supposed to be available over one single feed. On that feed, 20 hours of a day’s programming were to be in French and four hours in English. However, such choice would limit the channel in its plans for expansion (for example, France 24 would be classified as a cultural channel in the United States, thus would be lost in an ethnic package on cable).

Jut over two months ago, France 24’s board of directors decided to request an additional 10 million Euros to enable the creation of a second feed. So the plans today are for France 24 to be available in two versions: one only in French (24 hours a day) and the other one with only four hours in French and the other 20 hours in English.

The English feed would be the only one available in the United States and other non-French speaking regions. As for the French feed, it would be available in France and other regions such as the Middle East where French is a commonly spoken language.

In the following years, France 24 will add Arabic and Spanish. The Arabic language would probably receive one dedicated feed. As for Spanish, it would share the airtime on the English feed.

As for the website, it will be available from the start in French, English and Arabic.

If you have any question you would like to see answered on this blog, do not hesitate to comment or send an e-mail.


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  1. I am thoroughly impressed at the thought of the channel being broadcast in English. Considering that the French often consider the English language as “the enemy”, I’m sure that it must have been a very difficult decision to take and just goes to show how seriously they are thinking about this new channel.


  2. In the beginning, when France 24 was still a project, they worke dont he idea of having one feed with 20 hours of French and four hours of English programming. I believe that they quickly realized that it would not work, expecially in the United States. I am also impressed at seeing a new feed with the majority of programming in English. I think it will make F24 successful.

  3. Dear Manager :
    I got the France 24 news from Chinese website and very grad to have this message, in the population of the world speak Chinese language is a large amount people , some of us not speak French and not fluently in English , we hope to know more about a viewpoint of difference culturallyl so we do hope France24 can provide the Chinese version whether internet or satellite broadcast . thankyou to take time to read this message.
    your sincerely Liang’S. Hwang

  4. discussed here I appreciate you taking time to share such valuable information. I really like the point you are making with your last paragraph.. great

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