France 24’s Logo Unveiled

September 13, 2006 at 10:35 pm | Posted in Behind the Camera, France 24, Visual | 7 Comments

France 24 unveiled its logo today during a press event to welcome the recruited journalists to the network’s offices.

France 24's logo


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  1. Do you know if there is going to be a on-line writing staff?
    Thank you

  2. There will be a special staff for the network’s website.

  3. The logo bears a striking resemblance to that used by this ”unofficial” blog. What is the link between the French government and this blog?

  4. And I am sure unofficial blogs on Al-Jazeera, CNN, the BBC or any other network and/or products sometimes do use the official logo to promote their blogs… no?

    This blog is totally unofficial. I have no linked to the French government (quite a funny comment!) and the network. I do not work for the network. My only contacts with France 24 are when I interview someone working there to get content for this blog.

    The only purpose of this blog is to bring news in English about France 24 and, once the network is launche, analyse the coverage of various issues.

  5. I quite like the logo, the white and colored design reminds me of the Francetelevisions’ channels’ visual identity. It’s simple, modest, but dynamic.

  6. Will the editing of the news items be done by the journalists themselves or are you planning to hire professional editors for that purpose?
    Will the editors working for the english feed have to be bilingual?

  7. valuable People are bound to find this really important. This is my very first comment, I think I like this!

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