Official website: Live December 6

October 12, 2006 at 12:34 am | Posted in France 24 | 5 Comments

Alain de Pouzilhac has announced that France 24’s official website will be live on December 6, with the network launching its televised offering a couple of weeks later.

De Pouzilhac expects France 24 to reach 190 million people when it starts broadcasting. Speaking at the Mipcom conference in Cannes, De Pouzilhac also says that the Arabic version of the network will be going live in 2007, with a Spanish version expected for 2009.



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  1. It’s about time the we in the West got a different perspective on the news. Does this mean that only viewers in New York City will be able to view France 24? How about the rest of North America?

    Please expand! We need a new source from news.

  2. what about russia today?!!

    they have just launched on sky and are among the new international english speaking news channels

    Dont forget them!!

  3. How can I get the English-language France 24?
    I am a subscriber to Sky TV, living in London, and get CNN etc through them. Will they be making France 24 available?

  4. Website available on Dec 8? Great. But for now, the website is showing only an invisible flash frame, which search engine robots cannot “see” and that a lot of of people can’t access.

    I hope France24 will make its content available to most of its viewers on its website, that is in an accessible way, using open standards, and no proprietary formats such as realmedia of flash videos.

  5. Enfin une perspective peut-être différente de la marche du monde qui permettra de lutter contre la standadisation . Mais j’ai des doutes avec le petit budget alloué ( si France24 se contente de relayer les nouvelles diffusées par les Agences de Presse , ce sera une déception de plus )
    Tous mes voeux pour une longue vie .

    Finally a perhaps different perspective of the running of the world which will help to fight against standardization . But I have doubts with the small budget allocated ( if France24 simply relays the news released by News Agencies , it will only be another disappointment ).
    All my best wishes for a long life .

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