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October 18, 2006 at 4:04 pm | Posted in France 24 | 2 Comments

While the main goal of this website is to bring the latest news about France 24, the blog will slowly change once the French international news network is launched. This blog will analyse the coverage of world events by France 24, and compare it against coverage by CNN International, the BBC News 24, Sky News (in the U.K.), Fox News (in the U.S.) and ultimately Al-Jazeera International.

These analyses will focus on the choices made in coverage, as well as images, vocabulary and placement. Analyses will come with screen captures and video clips when necessary or possible.

If you have suggestions or comments, do not hesitate.



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  1. If you wanna see a channel with independant information, watch EuroNews. It’s in 7 languages and you can see it everywhere.
    France 24 is a political channel created by upper class people who think that france still has power in the world. I’m french and I hate that way of doing, Chriac is a moron and all those people around get a parisian view of the world.
    In france we have 4 news channel… + euronews, so another one is maybe a little too much.
    I really Enjoy EuroNews. They don’t have the budget of the others but they do a very good job.
    I’m surprised that nobody speaks about euronews on that blog.

  2. It’s a bit naive to believe in the existence of independent information. Euronews is a useful channel but is also “political”. Adding a french point of view is useful when you see how the crushing representation of a unique weltanschauung can damage our interests.

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