France 24: Live Dec. 7

November 29, 2006 at 7:43 pm | Posted in France 24, Programming | 9 Comments

France 24 will debut one day earlier than usually planned. The broadcast version of the French international news channel is slated to start on December 7 at 8.20pm, instead of December 8.

France 24 will also be available online in streaming video from December 6 at 8.20pm.



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  1. Dec 7, 2006 is the 65th anniversery of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, which drew America into the Second World War.


    I dunno. I’m betting its a subtle dig at how this network- born out of the Iraq contraversy of 2003- aims to impeade the doctrine of preventative war, used against America 65 years ago, and used by America today.

  2. Perhaps France 24 can take a leaf from DW-TV:,2142,9093,00.html. It broadcasts 24 hours a day in German and English at every alternate hour. It is now my favourite TV news source on the Internet. If France 24 is just going to be another Al Jazeera in English, then I think it is doomed to failure. I don’t watch Al Jazeera English at all even though it is broadcast from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia where I live. The only thing that caught my eye during Al Jazeera English’s inaugural broadcast is that it has pinched some staff from CNN and BBC. My favourite radio and TV news channels are still: 1) RFI (The French broadcast on the Internet), 2) DW-TV (I prefer the German broadcast) and 3) The BBC (English, of course). I wonder why didn’t Chirac just add a TV division to RFI which is already doing a fairly good job in reporting the world with news bureaus and correspondents around the world. Being a Francophone and a Francophile, I would only be interested in the French broadcast of France 24 if it mirrors that of RFI. And if France 24 is going to another Al Jazeera, then I would expect it to do better than just broadcasting some dubious video clips of Osama bin Laden; say, perhaps an interview of Osama from his hideout in Afghanistan?

  3. This will have NO impact in the English speaking world. They’ve attracted NO names known beyond l’hexagon (even Al Jazeera got Dave Marash, the big network anchor), no heavyweight American TV or web producers.
    Again, it’s France talking to the French.

  4. Well, its just the begining. We’ll see how much influence it will get.

    I don’t think big names make any difference at all in global news. CNN International has absoulutly no big names, and its #1. Plus its hard to get names that are truly international. Hire a famous American and the British wouldn’t know who he was and visa versa.

    As long as their content is good, the talking head delivering it won’t matter.

  5. Along with the “name” goes talent/experience/contacts/perspective/professionalism … young kids and those with no global reach or perspective have none of this … and neither does France24. Again, the french talking to the french! still, i will give them the benefit of the doubt (for a day or so … about as much time as America gave Katie Couric … and with good reason).

  6. The relevent talent/experience/contact/prespective comes from the producers/directors/writers/executives/ etc not the people who read the teleprompter.

    To that end France 24 has some decent talent from both France Televisions and TF1.

  7. I am curious to see if this will work. It’s for sure an alternative to American networks and all their bias. I think for a network to succeed it does not need ot have big names from the get go (sorry Balkan, I differ with you). The big name does not necessarily make it a big network. A network m7ust come up with the truth, nothing held for the fear of being politically correct. That makes a good news network.

    We’ll see how this one develops

  8. Here’s some more info on France 24 from the Independent newspaper in London.

  9. Extra, Extra: Upcoming Goodness Edition [en]

    The end of this week is going to be busy! Not only do you have Vernissage at Palais de Tokyo to get to on Thursday night, but the calendar will be chock full of other pre-holiday fun: Will you be watching France’s first round-the-clock international …

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