Web Launch: A Success

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France 24’s initial launch on the Internet has been successful. The French international news network launched three live feeds in English, French and Arabic.

Access to all three feeds has been easy, at a time when thousands of curious were expected to follow the launch of France 24 online. No delay in the live stream has been reported so far.

ANALYSIS: First newscast

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France 24 launched tonight at 8.30 p.m. on its website in French, English and Arabic. The first images showed the Champs-Elysées with beamed lights counting down the 24 seconds before the launch of the programs. Alain de Pouzilhac, France 24’s CEO, presented the network and introduced the first newscast.

The website currently has three live feeds in English, French and Arabic. I was able to watch the English and French version of the network. Here is a quick run-down of what happened.

Both feeds started with a report on the Iraq Study Group, which came back to U.S. President Bush with recommendations about the war in Iraq. The report was pre-recorded. The English presenter labelled the report as follow: “it’s a report that flies in the face of everything President Bush…”

The second subject for the English feed was on Lebanon’s political crisis with the Prime Minister refusing to step down. France 24 English went live to Lebanon with the network’s Beirut correspondent Sophie Claudet.

In the meantime, the French feed went with a report about Congo’s elections, followed with a longer pre-recorded report on Chad’s political situation. Only after this report, did the French feed go live to Beirut with Sophie Claudet, who repeated her report, this time in French.

The English feed followed its interview with Claudet by a report about British’s investigations in Moscow regarding the latest poisoning claims. It followed it with a report about a France-Israel meeting. Only then, did the English feed showed its translated report on Chad.

The last report on France 24 English was live from Baghdad with Dave Clark, an AFP correspondent.

Both feeds finished with a quick look at the launch party for the new network. A weather report followed.

France 24 also showed its first ads live. Citroen, HSBC and IBM showed the same ads both in French and English. Alain de Pouzilhac previously said that the network did not expect to have many ads in the first few months after the launch.

In a later news broadcast, France 24 used famous French reporter in the Middle East Charles Enderlin.

France 24 Live on the Champs Elysées

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The new French International news network will be live on giant viewing screens on the Champs-Elysées this evening. France 24 installed the screens from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde. A party for the launch of the new network will take place tonight in the gardens of the Louvre museum.

If you have photos of the event, don’t hesitate to send them here :-)

Who works at France 24?

December 6, 2006 at 3:51 pm | Posted in France 24, Journalists and Directors | 13 Comments

Just ahead of the Internet launch, I have updated the people page with the names and job titles for 16 members of France 24’s management team and 46 members of the editorial team. The list will be updated over time with a short biography of the employees. You can find the names here.

Reporting from France 24

December 6, 2006 at 3:06 pm | Posted in Blogroll, France 24, Interviews | 6 Comments

Luc van Braekel was invited last Saturday to join other bloggers to visit France 24’s studios. Today, he writes about the experience. He also filed a video report. Read and watch the video here: http://lvb.net/item/3925.


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Ahead of the launch tonight (on the Internet) and tomorrow (on cable and satellite), here is what you can expect to see on France 24 every day. Note that the times are for Paris (subtract one hour if you are in London, six if you are in New York). These times are also first broadcast times, meaning that the shows are likely to be repeated during the days at regular times.

France 24 will be organized around two prime-time slots: one in the morning from 6 to 9 a.m. and another one in the evening from 7 to 11 p.m. (Paris time). The prime-time in the mornings are anchored by Antoine Cormery in French and Mark Owen in English. In the evening prime-time Sylvain Attal (FR) takes over, and Andrea Sanke for the English version.

Every hour, on the hour, a 10-minute news program is expected to be presented live. This program will be repeated every half-hour (with updates if necessary). During the prime-time hours, headlines will be read every 15 minutes.

The weather will follow every newscast, so every half-hour.

6.20 a.m.: Sport news. Handled by Eurosport.
6.25 a.m.: Zooming. The show takes a different look at a particular issue.
6.40 a.m.: Web News.
7.15 a.m.: Three-minute report on the world’s media and newspapers.
7.20 a.m.: Business news with Stéphanie Antoine (for the French version) and Raphaël Kahane (for the English version). Repeated at 10.00 a.m.

8.20 a.m.: Top story of the day by Gautier Rybinsky (FR) and Robert Parsons (EN).
8.25 a.m.: Lifestyle News.
9.20 a.m.: Cultural news from around the world presented both in French and English by Elizabeth Tchoungui.

10.40 a.m.: Interview of the day presented in French by Sylvain Attal, and in English by Andrea Sanke.

12.15 p.m.: Face-Off. Every day, two journalists from the international press debate the day’s top story. The French debate is presented by Caroline de Camaret, while Mark Owen moderates the English version.
12.45 p.m.: Personalities. Latest news on Hollywood, fashion, etc.

7.15 p.m.: France 24 Debate (test video available here) with two to three guests. Presented in French by Sylvain Attal, and in English by Andrea Sanke. (No debates on Fridays).

10.15 a.m.: Environment news.

5.10 p.m.: Political magazine presented by Roselyne Febvre (only in French).

10.15 a.m.: Health News.

10.15 a.m.: Scientific news program.

10.15 a.m.: Economic Intelligence. Debate on a very competitive issue. Presented by Ali Laïdi. (Every other week).
10.15 a.m.: Caring. Report following humanitarian aid workers. (Every other week).

7 p.m.: A one hour show called “The Talk of Paris” presented by Ulysse Gosset. The program is interactive, allowing viewers to send questions and comments to the guests live.

6.40 a.m.: Opinions. A quick point of view from an intellectual on the week’s events.
7.40 a.m.: Reporters. International news reports on the ground.

6.40 a.m.:
The Week In… which looks at the latest news around the world. Mondays are for Europe. Tuesdays for France, Wednesdays for the Americas, Thursdays for Africa, Fridays for the Middle-East and Saturdays for Asia.

First video from France 24

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The bloggers at Memoire Vive.org have the first video from France 24. The blog is maintained by Natacha Quester-Séméon and Sacha Quester-Séméo, who use videos to report on French politics and other subjects. Natacha was invited by France 24 to talk about the importance of blogs in the news gathering process in one of the new network shows.

The video is in French, lasts 16 minutes. It gives a good impression on what you can expect to see on France 24 starting this evening and tomorrow. http://www.memoire-vive.org/archives/001258.php

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