2.5m visitors on France24.com

February 8, 2007 at 11:35 am | Posted in France 24, website | 19 Comments

The official France 24 website has received 2.5 million visits in December 2006.

The ratings, published by Nielsen, put France 24 behind CNN and the BBC, but in front of Al-Jazeera.  CNN received 26 million visits over the same period, and the BBC had 13.6 million visitors.

France 24 is also the most visited International news network website in France, third in the UK and Germany, and fourth in the US.


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  2. i am so happy to see that France 24 is now available vide a new channel in Kenya, though officially yet to be launched! we certainly welcome new perspectives!

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    je m appelle Ibrahima GAYE, je suis Sénégalais, je suis aussi un inconditionnel de votre chaine et de vos programmes. J e suis ravi de vous et de vos journalistes particulièrement Valérie FAYOLE.

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