Who works at France 24?

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Just ahead of the Internet launch, I have updated the people page with the names and job titles for 16 members of France 24’s management team and 46 members of the editorial team. The list will be updated over time with a short biography of the employees. You can find the names here.


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Ahead of the launch tonight (on the Internet) and tomorrow (on cable and satellite), here is what you can expect to see on France 24 every day. Note that the times are for Paris (subtract one hour if you are in London, six if you are in New York). These times are also first broadcast times, meaning that the shows are likely to be repeated during the days at regular times.

France 24 will be organized around two prime-time slots: one in the morning from 6 to 9 a.m. and another one in the evening from 7 to 11 p.m. (Paris time). The prime-time in the mornings are anchored by Antoine Cormery in French and Mark Owen in English. In the evening prime-time Sylvain Attal (FR) takes over, and Andrea Sanke for the English version.

Every hour, on the hour, a 10-minute news program is expected to be presented live. This program will be repeated every half-hour (with updates if necessary). During the prime-time hours, headlines will be read every 15 minutes.

The weather will follow every newscast, so every half-hour.

6.20 a.m.: Sport news. Handled by Eurosport.
6.25 a.m.: Zooming. The show takes a different look at a particular issue.
6.40 a.m.: Web News.
7.15 a.m.: Three-minute report on the world’s media and newspapers.
7.20 a.m.: Business news with Stéphanie Antoine (for the French version) and Raphaël Kahane (for the English version). Repeated at 10.00 a.m.

8.20 a.m.: Top story of the day by Gautier Rybinsky (FR) and Robert Parsons (EN).
8.25 a.m.: Lifestyle News.
9.20 a.m.: Cultural news from around the world presented both in French and English by Elizabeth Tchoungui.

10.40 a.m.: Interview of the day presented in French by Sylvain Attal, and in English by Andrea Sanke.

12.15 p.m.: Face-Off. Every day, two journalists from the international press debate the day’s top story. The French debate is presented by Caroline de Camaret, while Mark Owen moderates the English version.
12.45 p.m.: Personalities. Latest news on Hollywood, fashion, etc.

7.15 p.m.: France 24 Debate (test video available here) with two to three guests. Presented in French by Sylvain Attal, and in English by Andrea Sanke. (No debates on Fridays).

10.15 a.m.: Environment news.

5.10 p.m.: Political magazine presented by Roselyne Febvre (only in French).

10.15 a.m.: Health News.

10.15 a.m.: Scientific news program.

10.15 a.m.: Economic Intelligence. Debate on a very competitive issue. Presented by Ali Laïdi. (Every other week).
10.15 a.m.: Caring. Report following humanitarian aid workers. (Every other week).

7 p.m.: A one hour show called “The Talk of Paris” presented by Ulysse Gosset. The program is interactive, allowing viewers to send questions and comments to the guests live.

6.40 a.m.: Opinions. A quick point of view from an intellectual on the week’s events.
7.40 a.m.: Reporters. International news reports on the ground.

6.40 a.m.:
The Week In… which looks at the latest news around the world. Mondays are for Europe. Tuesdays for France, Wednesdays for the Americas, Thursdays for Africa, Fridays for the Middle-East and Saturdays for Asia.

More people news

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Apologies for the lack of updates lately. News about France 24 has slowed down a bit after its initial official announcement. 

Marine Jacquemin, the famous war correspondent for TF1, is joining France 24 as well. She is said to be in talks to anchor a show following young reporters in their professional career. The show should welcome reporters from across Europe.

In other people news, Stanilas Leridon has been named director in charge of France 24’s Internet and New Media activities.  Leridon used to work for Visiware, where he held the same position.

Guillaume Durand on France 24

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The French journalist and show runner Guillaume Durand will be joining France 24 when it is launched in December.

Durand is currently working for France 2 where he anchors a cultural show late at night on the public network. He will joining France 24 to run a political debate show, probably centered around the 2007 French Presidential elections. No additional details about his programme are available at this time.

Durand previously worked for LCI, the French cable national news channel owned by TF1, and I>Télé, another news channel created by Canal Plus to compete against LCI.

Journalists hired

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While unveiling its logo, France 24 officials announced that 162 journalists have been hired and will start working next week.

France 24 earlier said it would hire 170 journalists for its bilingual newsroom. There are no indication that new hires will be made in the near future.

The journalists come from 27 different countries, are bilingual (English/French) and will be responsible for one third of France 24’s reports (the two remaining thirds coming from partnerships with France 24’s partners and shareholders).

The newsroom will be managed by Grégoire Deniau, who won the Albert Londres prize in 2005. The Albert Londres prize is sometimes deemed the French equivalent of the Pulitzer prize. Deniau previously worked for Envoyé Spécial on France 2, one of France 24’s majority shareholders.

Gérard Saint-Paul promoted

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Gérard Saint-Paul has been nominated to replace Ulysse Gosset for the position of managing director in charge of news and programming, France 24 announced yesterday.

Saint-Paul will represent the French public television France Televisions on the directing board. Alain de Pouzilhac and Jean-Yves Bonsergent also seat on the board with de Pouzilhac at the head and Bonsergent representing the private company TF1.

Saint-Paul was already working for France 24 since April as the managing news editor overseeing all journalists working for the network.

With this announcement, de Pouzilhac also said that most of the staff for the new international news channel had already been hired. He expects them to start working in the network’s new offices in two weeks.

De Pouzilhac is also confirming that a third feed will be created for France 24 in July 2007. The third feed will broadcast France 24 mainly in Arabic with some programming in French and English.

France 24: People Moves

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Ulysse Gosset is leaving his position of editorial managing director of France 24, the French international news channel. However, he will not leave the network completely. He is expected to anchor a prime-time talk show on international affairs.

Alain de Pouzilhac, France 24’s CEO, has yet to name someone to replace him.

In related news, Elizabeth Tchoungui will be in charge of the cultural segments for France 24. For those of you with access to TV5 (the French international channel), you can see her almost everyday anchoring some of the channel’s newscasts.

France 24 is still expected to start airing during the first week of December.

France 24 seems to be a popular subject on this blog, so you can expect more posts about this emerging news news channel in the near future.

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